Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Resolutions for 2012 are not off to a great start!  Brian and I were laying in bed watching Dexter and it’s 9:20pm…and I JUST now realize I haven’t written on the blog yet!  Woops!

Yesterday was NYE and we had a busy day!  We took the kids to playground (which we need to do MUCH more often) but it was bittersweet because Myah kept asking where all her friends were L.  Having a playground across the street from our home in Kansas really spoiled us.  Not only was it readily available, but it came equipped with the best friends my kids could ask for!

My kids get along great…but even siblings need a break from one another and have someone else to play with!  So, Brian and I are looking for dance/gymnastic classes for Myah to take and possibly a tumble class for Eli.  I took dance and gymnastics as a kid and loved it and with Myah’s outgoing personality, it will be perfect for her!

San Jose Flea Market
We also went to our first Flea Market out here!  I think I have finally moved to a place that has legit flea markets!  I know Kansas City has a Farmer’s Market with a garage sale type place…but the flea markets out here are like the ones you see on TV…low prices, great finds…pretty much everything I love!  We went later in the day on Saturday just to look around and see what they offered!  Brian and I had a great time looking around but, not surprisingly, the kids got over it fast.  So we went home and ate some homemade pancakes (best I’ve had!) and decided to spend some quality time watching a movie with the kids.

We all pile on our bed and start to get situated and…BOOM!  The bed breaks.  Yep.  All the supports that hold up the bed slats fell out.  That’s how we spent our NYE…fixing our bed! LOL!  We had to shoo the kids out of the room to fix it and an hour later we had it glued and it was finally time for the movie…Winnie the Pooh!  I love that movie! It’s so cute!
The kids were sitting on the bed slats
while the glue dried :)

We didn’t quite make it to midnight PST, but we were up for EST and CST! LOL! 

Mr. Handyman fixing the bed...
Today was Brian’s “favorite day”.  He said there was College Football, NFL, NBA, and college basketball all on today…all day.  Awesome.  So, needless to say it was tough to get him unglued from the tv all day.  Luckily for him, though, I enjoy sports and watched my Patriots take home a win!!!   After naps we went to Ikea to get some storage solutions for my craft room so we can set up the bed and give my parents a place to sleep!  When we finally got home from the chaos (because OF COURSE Ikea was chaotic on a Sunday holiday at 3pm) we sat down and ate some pasta!  My mom has been serving homemade spaghetti sauce every New Years day for as long as I can remember….and I wanted to keep the tradition going!  This is our 6th New Years that we have had pasta and I love it!  Luckily, it’s a family favorite dish, so we all chowed down!  There’s nothing quite like sauce that has been cooking all day on the stove!  Yum!

Hopefully tomorrow we will be more productive and finish unpacking boxes...we are far from moved in and we still don’t have a single thing on the wall!  It’s also the day we take down the Christmas tree L!

Hope you all had a great first day of 2012!!

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