Saturday, January 21, 2012

Busy day...

Today was a really great day!  We worked on projects, spent quality time together, had great naps, went looking for a place for the kids to do dance/gymnastics, and watched the Jayhawks pull out a big win!  Saturday doesn't get much better than that!

I started on Myah's kitchen today and plan on finishing it tomorrow.  I found this AWESOME color at Home's one of my new favorite colors!  Check it out: after seeing this online, it does not do the color is so much brighter...almost like grass green.  And the fact that it's called Happy Camper is even better!  I was literally smiling as I was painting it!

When the kitchen is finished tomorrow, I will be sure to post pictures!

Best moment of the day?  While I was painting this evening, the kids and Brian were playing basketball on their Little Tykes Basketball goal and there was so much laughter!  It was a true "I am so blessed" moment.  While Myah was learning to pass and shoot the ball, Elijah was playing "keep away" from the other two...and he found it hilarious!  It really was a special day :).

I will say, trying to find a place for the kids to have activities is much harder that I thought it would made both of us miss Johnson County.  We got so spoiled living there with the high quality stores, activities, people, etc.  We went to the YMCA in Central San Jose today and we are just so disappointed in the condition the building was in.  I know we got really spoiled back in JOCO...everything out here just seems so run down.  BUT...we don't live in the JOCO bubble time to adjust!  We will be doing more research this weekend on places to take them too, and hopefully we can find a free class to take them to this week to make sure we like the place!  Wish us luck!

Tomorrow the Patriots play the Ravens to get into the Superbowl...and I WILL be wearing my jersey!!  Go Pats!!

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