Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Is it Friday, yet?!

Every single morning I have woken up this week, I have thought it was Friday. When that trend starts on a makes for a LONG week.

To make matters a little more difficult, it's been an off week for Brian, too.  His bus takes off at 8am, which means we all pile in the car to drive him to his bus stop around 7:45 every morning.  Brian REFUSES to set an alarm clock; he says the kids will wake him up in enough time.  This was a great plan when the kids got up everyday during the 6 o'clock hour.  Unfortunately for him, 3 out of the 4 days this week that wasn't the case.  The kids decided to sleep in a little extra, and he started the day running late.  Luckily his hours are flexible and the bus has a stop at 8, 9, and 10 am so room for a little error is ok...but I am demanding he uses his alarm from now on.  I would rather wake up to kids screaming at each other than Brian rushing out of the shower saying that we HAVE TO LEAVE IN 5 MINUTES...I need more time than that to be ready to drive...

Anyway, I digress...maybe I'll just set an alarm for him and not give him a choice...guess Vera is kid #4, not #3 like I was thinking :).

Elijah has been having a hard time with his colors.  Brian, at one point, thought he might be color blind.  I, on the other hand, realized that Myah REFUSES to let the poor kid answer a single question!  She's so proud that she knows the answer that she just can't keep it to herself!  So, when my parents sent us a game called UNO Moo! we were a little weary that Elijah would not be able to play.  Let me tell you something....THIS GAME IS AWESOME!  He knows his colors now, including lots of different animals and the sounds that they make!  Both kids are learning rules and how to take's a lot of fun to watch, especially now that they have the hang of the game!  If you have a toddler who is having trouble with rules, colors, taking turns...this is a great teaching tool!  It also keeps the kids in line during the day!  I tell them that if they are good, we will play the game before dinner when Daddy gets 99% of the time!!

The weather has been really up and down out here.  They have had frost and ice in the mornings and temps in the high 50s during the day!  Lots of rain and cloudy days, too!  Since I lived in Kansas for 13 years, strange weather is no surprise to me...but it does make planning for the day a little more challenging!  Yesterday was GORGEOUS, though...still 59 degrees at 5:30pm.  However, we did see someone jogging with a winter jacket, mittens, scarf, and knitted hat was almost 60 DEGREES!  The people here crack me up!
I finished Lauren's blanket, yesterday!  It's not perfect, but it's soft and fun! I'm excited to send it to her!  Brian loves it so much he wants me to make one for Vera!  He's also been asking for a blanket for himself....maybe for Valentine's day?
VALENTINE'S DAY?!  Wait...does that mean it's almost February?!  Ho-ly Cow!!!  Where did January go?  Feb is a busy month for this small Relph family...lots to celebrate!  Feb. 1st is my mom's bday and the anniversary of Brian and I's first date (yes, we celebrate it!  Why not?!).  The 8th is the day we got engaged in 2006, the 14th is Valentine's day, and his 3 siblings were all born during this short month.  For these reasons alone I hope Vera can hold off until March...February is just too full!!

Speaking of which...I'm 33 weeks pregnant today!  We set a date for the Cesarean , March 8th, and my parents are planning on flying out on the 7th!  I am so excited to see my parents!  I highly doubt, with my birth track record, that Vera will wait until the scheduled date.  Myah and Elijah were both spontaneous labors 2 and 3 weeks early, respectively.  I don't think this one will be any different.  Brian's favorite part?  Vera will be here in time for March Madness, which means he gets to veg on the couch with a baby resting on him for a whole week while watching basketball!  

Brian is having a 'tough' day at work today.  He went in later than usual (alarm clock issue), he is going out to lunch with his team, then going to play mini golf, and then they are celebrating Nov, Dec, Jan birthdays...rough day!

I did get a chance to sign the kids up for a gymnastics class!  We are going tomorrow at 10:15am for a 'try-out' class, to make sure the kids like it.  It's at a place called the California Sports Center.  They offer gymnastics, dance, AND swim...really excited about this place!  It was clean and wasn't overwhelmed with people...I hope the kids like it!  Myah will be in class by herself, but Eli and I will be doing the class together...wish me luck!!  For the dance class, they both will be in separate classes, but it consists of ballet AND tap...I think they are going to love it!

I also found this cool website called and found a Christian SAHM group in San Jose.  They plan get togethers all year round and the kids are all 5 and under.  Since we haven't found a church home, yet, I've really been missing this fellowship.  I hope that it goes well!  I haven't RSVP'd to any get together yet, but will soon!

Hope you all are having a great day!!


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