Monday, January 16, 2012

Long time no see...

So, I'm not doing so great on my resolution.  I do have reasons, though, that do not just include being lazy!  I have hit that 'wall' during this pregnancy, and with so much still to do around the house and with the kids, I am more exhausted now than I can ever remember being.  On top of that, this baby is GINORMOUS, and is making me sore...I'm very ready for the next 5-8 weeks to go by quickly :).

Since Wednesday, I've put up a few things on the wall in the living room so it looks like someone actually lives here!  These are all older pictures, so I will have some updating to do!  We still have about 20 boxes to unpack, but we are getting there!  Most of the boxes are books or craft supplies and for right now we don't have any bookshelves, so those will have to wait.

Thursday night we were invited to a new friend's house for dinner!  It was really great getting out of the house, having some adult time, and eating great food that I didn't have to cook or pay for!  We were there for a few hours and the kids got restless because there weren't any other kids there...but they did get to play on the Xbox for the first time!  Eli loved racing the cars but Myah got over it pretty quickly.  We met these people from renting out the house; he is the realtor and she is the landlord's daughter.  Both are incredibly nice and we had a great time getting to know them!  We invited them over for dinner...hopefully I can cook something as yummy as what they cooked!

Friday I was not feeling well, so we had a very lazy day.  We went up to Google to eat with Brian and I had some AMAZING chow mein!  The food choices here are simply incredible.  It's obvious the chef's here aren't just people who cook and truly care about what they are cooking...delicious!

The kiddos had a PB&J and some fries :)
Saturday we got up bright and early and went to Home Depot!  The bed has been on the floor this whole week (as opposed to the bed frame) and I was really excited to get my bed back!  We also got some supplies to do Myah's kitchen!  That will be my project this next week!  We also got to watch the Patriots win (WAHOO!!) and the Jayhawks pulled out a big "W" so it was a great day!
Love my parents!  Go Patriots!!
Sunday we worked on getting the house cleaned.  Brian worked on my craft room (too many things to do and I tend to just stare at it, so he took over) while I cleaned the bedroom.  All of my craft supplies are officially in the 'craft room' and Brian is more than ecstatic!  After naps, we all went to one of Brian's co-workers house and had a play date!  They have a daughter that is just a few months older than Myah and all three of the kids had a great time!  Again, we got some adult time meeting some new people and the icing is that the kids had someone to play with too!!  It reinforced in both of us that we HAVE to get these kids involved in a sport right now (probably gymnastics) before the baby is born...I know they miss their friends back home a lot and they need to make some new friends.
Brian found the "awesome" head lamp...
Myah rocked it all night!
Today is going to be a lazy day...just cleaning and watching sports.  Brian wants to go to a sports bar to watch the Jayhawks play tonight, so we will be hitting up Dave and Busters for dinner tonight!  I'm super excited...I love that place and I haven't had a philly in two months!
Coloring on the floor...

On Friday we got something fun in the mail...our ultrasound pictures!  This is the best's a picture of our newest princess!!!
Ms. Vera Grace!

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