Monday, January 2, 2012

We are so close to being fully moved in...yet so far away...

The Christmas Tree is down, decorations are put away and we are finally able to start putting the house together!  Unfortunately, it takes A LOT of time and energy...luckily Brian had his last day of holiday vacation, so he helped out!

We started the day off taking down Christmas decorations and everything was ready to go down to the garage when the kids decided they wanted to 'help'.  Well, help in their case is knocking over a whole box of ornaments and breaking HALF of them...grrrrr!  For the record, I told the kids they could not help due to it being dangerous (what I told them...), Brian said they could.  I will let you decided whose 'fault' the broken ornaments were :).

Then we started moving furniture around and opened up some space.  This also means I have found more areas for more 'projects'!  :)  We have decided to turn our buffet into a coffee bar...kinda like this:  

Pinned Image
I think it's gonna look awesome!  Since we moved the dining room table, though, the chandelier is no longer centered...and that drives me CRAZY!  So we will be getting a new light fixture...another DIY that I want to look like this:

When I get the materials for the projects, I'll post pics!

We also got my closet a little more organized in the craft/guest room!  The whole project cost $25...not too bad! I'm excited to go back and get more rods to hang in the closet and I will get a few extra (nicer) ones to go with the coffee bar!  I'm excited to actually have a crafting station...and I know Brian will be happy to get rid of all the stuff around the house!  We put the 'station' in the closet in the guest room.  Brian took off the doors and I put in a hangs out a little bit, but I don't mind!  Now all I have to do is finish unpacking and then it's craft-tastic!
Landon got the kids some art supplies for Christmas and part of the gift was bathtub paint!  The kids had a blast playing with the paint and was upset when we had to wipe it off :)
While the kids were taking a nap I decided to work a little on Vera's room.  I have seen these great trees that people paint on the wall and add things to the branches to I wanted to try it!  These are a few inspiration pics:
Pinned Image  

Now, I am no artist...that much is for sure.  Especially when it comes to free-hand.  I gave it a shot anyway and it didn't turn out too bad!  There are a few 'oops' spots (like the 'x' in the top left corner and the GIANT random branch on the left of the tree...) but I plan on putting lots of things on the tree, so it should be covered!  I already have yarn covered letters, a yarn wreath, and I'm working on finishing an embroidery piece that will go on the tree!  I also plan on making tissue flowers (like in the first inspiration photo) and will probably get a few more embroidery hoops and put fabric in them.  I'm really excited and hope it turns out!  I also bought supplies to create a faux wallpaper with stencil that I want to do on the two other walls, but we will see :).

Something I didn't tell you about yesterday...I sliced some major chunks of skin off of my thumb.  Our cheese grater broke a few days ago and since we only buy cheese blocks and cut it ourselves, I had to use a cheese slicer to cut pieces off to make the cheesy garlic bread for dinner last night.  Unfortunately for my thumb, the cheese was too soft and I was too careless and ripped off a few chunks of skin.

Just wanted you to share in my pain ;).  On another note, Myah decided not to take a nap today and I'm thinking I might just keep this pattern going.  It is SO hard to teach a 3 and 2 year old at the same I'm going to take a page from the Vinson playbook and teach Myah during Eli's nap time.  Hopefully it will go smoother and be more productive!  

Finally...ELIJAH POOPED ON THE POTTY!  Since I haven't been on my A-game as of late, I didn't plan ahead and decided to start potty training Eli Friday at the beginning of Brian's 4 day weekend.  I tend to think it's a little less chaotic when you have two adults making sure the 'trainee' isn't soiling themselves.  So we started today.  Well, we tried to start today.  He went #1 and #2 on the potty on separate occasions...but then also peed himself twice.  So he's back in diapers...LOL!  I am hoping he will be diaper free (at least during the day) before Vera gets here, so this week I'll come up with a plan and 'decide' to potty train...I wasn't quite ready today! :)

Good luck tomorrow going to back to work!  Brian should be FINALLY getting his new phone activated so he is very excited to get back to work!  Also we are going to the sonographer tomorrow to see Vera again!  So excited!  I will post pictures of our little girl tomorrow!

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