Monday, January 23, 2012


What a great weekend!  Sunday was full of football, food, and skyping with the grandparents (both sets!)

For those who were under a rock yesterday, THE PATRIOTS ARE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL!  Very exciting for this Pats fan!!  I was hoping we would play the 49ers...would make it MUCH more fun living out here to have that rivalry, but Eli Manning and the Giants pulled off the win, so it's a rematch of large proportions!  I hope the Pats CREAM the Giants!  (I'm not a Manning fan)

Brian decided, at the last minute, that he wanted snacks to watch the football game.  Since I know his shopping strategy (follow the stomach), I rushed to build a shopping list for him, instead.  I threw together a whole bunch of coupons and told him to only buy things on sale.  I made a joke that if I DIDN'T do that, he would spend $75 on 5 worthless things.  Well, he followed the list...and added some things that WEREN'T ON SALE (and STILL spent $75)!! was painful for me to look at the receipt!  With my help,  he did save $45 (38%)...but could have saved so much more if he didn't buy those things that weren't on sale.  Oh, well...he's a beginner...I'll cut him some slack (but just this once!!).

We decided to offer to host a Superbowl party for his coworkers and his friends that he has out here.  We'll see how many people are actually football fans at Google.  I am excited to host a party, though!  Hopefully we'll have a good turnout!

I worked more on Myah's kitchen throughout the day.  It's still not finished, but I don't have the supplies to finish it, so we brought it in so she can start playing!  So far, the only thing we have paid for is the primer, green paint, and paint supplies...not bad for a sturdy play kitchen!  I used leftover fabric from Vera's crib sheets for curtains and painted on some circles for a stove!  We still have to get some knobs for the stove, a faucet and bowl for the sink, and a few other accessories, and it will be finished! What do you think?  I had a door to make a fridge, but I measured wrong so no fridge...woops!  There are still two doors that go below the stove and sink that need to be put back on, but I couldn't figure out how to do it...will have to wait until Brian gets home!  Don't you LOVE that green color?!  I LOVE IT!!!!

I plan on painting a 'window' on the door below the stove to make it look like an oven.  I took out her tea set she got for Christmas and she's playing with it in her it! 

Today is going to be full of cleaning and research of dance/gymnastics places.  Hopefully I can find a place that has classes during the day for both of the kids...wish us luck!

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