Friday, December 30, 2011

New Years Resolutions and the likes...

What a week!  With the Christmas festivities behind us and a quiet NYE ahead of us, we finally got a chance to breathe and catch up on life!

29 weeks...ultrasound on Tuesday!!
Brian made the kids a tent :)
Brian had a 4-day weekend last weekend and has another one this weekend.  Watching him at home with the kids is awesome...he made them a tent tonight!  It's also hilarious...I can already see him counting down the minutes until Tuesday when he can go back to work!  He's been mentioning lately how much work the two kids are...HALLELUJAH!  It's nice to have some empathy from the hubs :)!

I got an iPhone 4S!  Not for Christmas, but since Brian's job is paying for his cell bill, it was actually cheaper to start me on a new plan.  It was also great for my anxiety level because Sprint is AWFUL out here and I have been unable to use my phone to keep in touch with anyone!  I LOVE my phone.  That might be an understatement...but I truly love it!  It has been really easy to post things (like pictures and short notes) to the blog in just a few that too!  No more digging out our camera and downloading all the pictures!  Gotta love technology!

There has been a lot of laundry done this week...apparently I had been putting it off :).  I also got to catch up with Lyda and Lauren which was FABULOUS!!  I knew I missed my friends, but I had no idea how much it effected my attitude until I got to catch up with Lyda and Lauren.  Even though we can't see each other, staying in touch is such a blessing!  I had a new sense of energy after catching up...and it was miraculous that I didn't drop a single call!  Gotta love Verizon!

On Wednesday, Lauren found out she's having a BOY!  They got to see some great views of their little man and it made me super excited to see my little girl on Tuesday!  I also saw the doctor on Wednesday and everything is going along swimmingly!  We've hit the 29 week mark  but I highly doubt I'll make it 11 more it's possible we are down to single digits!  Wahoo!  I'm already over being pregnant :).  It's incredibly exhausting chasing after two toddlers with a watermelon on your stomach!  I've had to get the kids to pick up things that I have dropped for a few weeks now...and it's only gonna get worse!  I'm super excited for Vera to get here and I've finally been able to channel some of that excitement into my favorite thing...crafting!!!

My parents gave Brian and I money for Christmas (Wahoo!) and I decided to spend my on craft supplies.  It makes me feel productive, gives me a creative outlet, and it gets me one step closer to getting Vera's area more homey!  Since joining Pinterest my craft 'wish-list' has exploded.  Seriously.  I'll never have enough money or time to do all the crafts I want to do...unless someone wants to pay me for it :)!  

The current wish list for crafts is as follows:
Yarn Wreath
Crib Sheets
Yarn Letters
Embroidery with Vera's name
Felt flower Headbands
Ruffle Bedskirt (for crib)
Cover for rocking chair
Recover chair and sofa in living room
Quilts (one for Vera, Lauren, and t-shirt quilts for Sam and Beau)
Mobile (for Vera)
Chandelier (for Vera)
Ruffle Butt Onesies
Baby blankets
and a new baby bag

Yes.  The list is long...but incredibly exciting!  I've already started/finished some of the projects!  I even added one!  

When I was shopping I saw this giant "R" and decided to wrap it in yarn and decorate it for the house.  I also have a black empty frame that I'm going to re-spray paint blue and frame this letter on the wall in our living room!  It took the picture with my phone so the lighting isn't the best...but I'm super proud of looks awesome!  It's about 2 feet it's pretty large!

I also did a yarn wreath for Vera!  Her room scheme colors are rose, cream, green, get the picture...soft and Victorian-ish.  It wasn't my first try at making felt flowers, but I did try some new kinds.  I had such a great time doing this's amazing how easy it is!  I'm going to paint a dark brown tree on the wall behind Vera's crib and hang the wreath and other pictures off the branches...I'm pretty excited about it!

Remember that awesome deal I got on the fabric?  Well, I finally finished a crib sheet!  It was such a simple project and would have been SO much faster if my sewing machine didn't break.  We went through Hades trying to figure out what was wrong with it.  I called Brother to ask them what I should do.  Since it was less than a year old, they told me to bring it to a repair center and it would be covered under warranty.  I explained to them that I do not have the receipt still (we've moved 1900 miles since then) and they said that it was no problem.  However, when I went to the repair center they said that I have to have the proof of purchase.  Great.  They kept it and looked it over while I tried to find a solution.  We contacted Walmart (where we bought it) and they said to bring in the card and the date and they could print us off another receipt.  AWESOME!  What they failed to say, was that you have to go back to that SPECIFIC Walmart that you bought it from.  Well, since we don't live there anymore, that's not an option.  So, in effect, I was stuck with a broken sewing machine.  Monday we stopped by the repair center to pick it up.  I decided to buy new thread, needle, bobbin, and start all over.  AND IT WORKED!  Thank God!  So I finished the first crib sheet and put it on the mattress!  It's not perfect...but for my first one it's not bad.  Not bad at all!  To top it only cost $2.50!  Beat that Target!  I think it's safe to say I will be making my own crib sheets from now on!

I also started my embroidery project.  As soon as I get it finished (almost there!) I will post it!  

The kids have been busy breaking in their new toys all week :)  Until we get out there and make some friends, it's all they have to keep themselves busy, luckily they aren't complaining!

Ok...NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS (NYR)!  A lot of things went through my mind when contemplating what my NYR should be.  I thought of the typical: lose weight/workout/etc.  However, since Vera's not due until March, I didn't want to postpone a few months of resolution time, so I decided to resolve to do something else (though that's still a to-do for 2012).  After talking to my dad, he suggested I write a book.  Now, I love my Dad (LOVE YOU!!), he is obviously a Dad and partially out of his mind if he thinks I am any sort of good writer...or a bad one at that!  It did get me thinking, though.  I have really enjoyed blogging and I know that some have said they enjoy reading it.  SO!  On to the resolution...

I have decided to write a new post EVERYDAY.  I haven't quite decided what I'll write about or what sort of focus I will have.  My interests are varied and our life is a little insane, and honestly, I think that's what this project will end up looking like.  However, I think it will be a great challenge!  Blogging everyday is going to be time consuming...but I'm excited!  Some days I'll write about my family, others about my crafts, some about my Faith and things I am learning through bible study, maybe recipies that I've tried and then maybe some random posts!  I even thought of choosing something on Pinterest to do everyday; but I think that might have to come with time!

So there is it.  I would love to know who is reading this so I know which topics you would love.  In me out now!  Do me a favor and post a comment at the end of this post and tell me what you'd like me to write about!  I'd also LOVE to know YOUR NYR!  

I think I'll take the next two nights off and start fresh on New Years!

Be safe and have a fantastic New Years!  Here's to 2012!!


  1. I love your blog! I have not made a resolution for the new year. I think things are going to be much better now that the basement is complete. Wishing you a Happy New Year!

  2. Jen great blog post. I like the idea of posting more often and with more pictures. Dont stress if its not every day. even once a week would be good. I would love if you would talk about trying to craft with 2 kids in the house. I think that could be humorus. Maybe when you find a realy great craft project you could do a how to post. I also want to hear how preschool is going. Are you gardening there? Have you met new friends yet?