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In case you haven't noticed (in which case you may want to go to the optometrist...) I'm reworking the look of the blog!  I am nowhere near finished and am not too impressed with the way it currently looks, but my skills are limited and my husband's aren't, so I will have to wait for him to come home :).

I've had some people ask how I made the tissue flowers for Vera's room.  You can find some great tutorials here, here, and here!

As for hanging it...that was pure trial and error.  I tried to tie them all to the same ribbon, but they didn't sit right and my arms got really tired keeping them in the air for a while.  What I settled on was hanging each flower individually and use the wall as an anchor.  It took too long and should I ever make another one I'll have to rethink the execution of hanging it.  However, it's still hanging and looking I'll call it a success!

Today I'm working on making more small flowers to put on the tree above the crib.  I also want to make another crib sheet or two, but threading the elastic through the casing might make me insane.  I have tried different ways that people online suggest, but nothing seems to make it any easier or faster....grrrrrr.

This morning I went to the grocery store with the kiddos and got some great deals!  Beef out here is RIDICULOUS!  It is sooooo expensive...and not very good.  Safeway had a great deal on a roast, one get one free!  So I got 5 pounds of roast for $14!  Not too bad!  We will be having shredded beef tacos later this week...yum!  Ok, so back to the shopping trip.  I have been sticking to my plan of using coupons and it has been paying off!  Today I saved over $100 on my trip...almost 40%!  Here's a great example: Poptarts (the 8 count) are usually $3.49 a piece.  They were having a sale 5/$10 which is a great deal anyway...but I had an additional coupon for $.51!  So, I got each box for $1.49!  Since we eat a lot of these, it is a great deal for the Relph family!  Barilla pasta is also another big saver...usually $1.79 and I get them for $.98!

There were a few kinks in the shopping trip, though.  VitaminWater was on sale 10/$10...great deal.  What makes it better is I had a coupon "Save $1 on 2 bottles".  That makes each bottle $.50 when it retails for $1.69!  However, Safeway makes it really hard to double check your coupon application.  So after I paid, I was looking through the receipt and noticed I got charged $1 a bottle...not cool.  I went to customer service and they refunded me $8...which is great.  BUT...when I got home I noticed $2 worth of coupons that weren't applied.  It may not seem like a HUGE deal, but every dollar counts when you have a budget.  So, Safeway didn't apply $10 worth of that IS an issue in my book.  I still have to go back to get my $2...but I think from now on I'll have to double check the receipt before I pay.
Add in the $10 I get back through the unapplied coupons...major savings!

Couponing does take time, patience, and planning.  I am no expert and there are a lot of people who are much better at this than I am.  But if a mom of two toddlers, and another on the way, can do can you.  It's not for 'crazy' people.  I saved over $100...wouldn't you like an extra $100 in your pocket?!

My list of projects keep expanding...poor Brian :).  Myah needs a place for all of her tea set pieces and I've been seeing these great upcycles of entertainment centers turned play kitchens like this one:

Pinned Image

There is an entertainment system for free on Craigslist that I'm going to pick up after Brian gets off work!

I think this posting during the day thing might actually work!  Hopefully the rest of the day is as productive as the morning as been!!

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  1. That entertainment cabinet/kitchen set is too cute! I've definitely seen them around pintetest. Can't wait to see how it works out!