Thursday, February 16, 2012

36 Weeks and counting!!!

36 weeks!  We are so close I can taste it! Literally...the acid reflux is back.  That's probably a TMI, but you are here to read the good, bad, and ugly...and right now it's downright ugly!

Last Friday we had a doctor's appointment and Brian decided to stay home afterwards to help around the house.  It was awesome.  However...he didn't inform his boss he wasn't coming back.  Normally this isn't an issue when you make your own hours and you always finish your work on time.  This time, though, they had planned a special baby shower for him...cupcakes and all!!  Everyone rubbed it in his face that the cupcakes were absolutely amazing...which they TOTALLY should have!  We aren't surrounded by familiar faces out here, but his team pulled together and gave us some really great gifts!  Diapers, bowls, a onesie, and wipes.  So incredibly nice and unexpected!  The people he is surrounded by at work could not be better...we are very lucky!  To thank them, I'm going to make some cake balls today and bring them to his work tomorrow!  It's my first time making them...wish me luck!!!

I got a great surprise in the mail the other package from Lyda and Brian Pung!!!!  One of the toughest parts of leaving is losing your support system.  Having friends and family come visit in the hospital and hold our little one for the first time is a memory I was really looking forward to.  Alas, it is not meant to be...but my friends are still showing me that you can have a support system 1500 miles away :).  First of all, the card was AWESOME!  It had little booties all over it and said "Bootie Call" funny is that?!  She also sent a super cute pair of leggings with a skirt, a dress, napkins that said "Living the MiniVan Dream", and an adorable pair of pink shoes!

Looking at all of these things just makes it so much more exciting!  I am trying to channel in on the excitement instead of concentrating on the day at a time!

36 Weeks!
I had a check up at the doctor's on Tuesday.  There still is no cervical change...UNBELIEVABLE!!!  She told me she thinks it will be another two weeks before Lady V will grace us with her presence.  TWO WEEKS!  At the very least this means I can stop stressing out and timing all of my contractions.  I've been under the impression that it could happen at any minute and while I know it still can, I've been told it's unlikely, so I can unclench :).  It has really helped me relax!  I'm still having contractions, but they are fewer and farther between...can't complain about that!  I have another doctor's appointment next Wednesday...I will be 36 weeks, 6 days at that point...almost full term!

The doctor did suggest resting...a lot.  She asked me how things were going at home and if I had any help with the kids.  Doesn't she know how emotional pregnant women are?!  Of COURSE I started crying...poor doctor.  I pulled it together and thanked her for being so kind and concerning, but no, there is no help currently outside of Brian and I...that's just the hand we've been dealt.  Luckily, I married the most amazing man and he has been so incredibly helpful I can't complain.  I'm resting as much as possible and that's the best I can do right now.  I am SO looking forward to my parents coming out!  Less than 3 weeks!!!

Myah has gymnastics tomorrow and we will do more preparing for Lady V to get here!


  1. sounds like you guys are all doing really well, minus the contractions!!! keep your head filled with happy thoughts, even though i know thats hard to do sometimes!!!! love reading all your updates and seeing pics, we miss you guys lots- and are super excited for baby V to be here!!! lots of love, Erin

  2. Girl, I can't believe you are doing all this by yourselves. I'm praying for you and thinking of you, my friend. Hang in there. Wish I could take Maya and Eli for you for the afternoon. Send me the email list if I can do a gift card, meal calendar.

  3. Thanks, Ladies! We're hanging in...I'm ready for my parents to get here in two weeks, that's for sure!!