Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Full Disclosure...

Today has been a tough day.  The kids have been really rebellious...I've heard 'no' today more than the whole past week combined...grrrrrrrr.  There were a lot of timeouts taken today...really excited for my kids to be good again :).

I've spent a lot of time taking deep breaths and asking Him for help, today.  With the kids acting up, me being 8 months pregnant and cranky, and some bad news about a past client, it has been a tougher day than usual.  

Back in Kansas, I worked with a specific client for about a year.  It was a LONG year.  They were very demanding but I agreed to represent them both in the selling of their home and the buying of a new home so I sucked it up.  I made an agreement with them to sell their house commission free if they agreed to buy their new home with me.  An agreement was struck and I followed through on my end of the deal.  Unfortunately, they did not.  After selling their home (for free), they pretty much fell off the face of the planet and have since broken our agreement and bought a home with someone else.  I'm frustrated on many levels, but the main one is that I spent a lot of time and money on this client.  Thousands of dollars in gas, promotion materials, open houses, etc.  I was constantly on call for this client and would drop EVERYTHING to meet them to show them houses...for a year.  This client cried on my shoulder numerous times and called me a friend.  I guess I was too trusting and let myself be taken advantage of.  And now the challenge is letting it go.  I've been praying about this for a few months now (since I found out they broke our agreement and I wasn't getting paid), and I will continue to do so.

I know God has a plan for me and I truly believe everything happens for a reason.  It's not my job to try and figure out the reason things happen or don't happen.  It's just to trust that He's in charge and as long as I continue to put my faith and trust in Him, He will take care of me.  It's not my job to make sure justice is served and my efforts are better put towards making my family happy and healthy, and that's what I've decided to put my energy into.  So that has been my major challenge today...letting go and leaving it up to Him.

So, if you saw my previous post (in November) asking for prayers about a certain situation, there it is.  The whole story is a lot more messy (as it always is) but I'm not writing this blog as revenge or to call anyone out.  There's no need for names and more details.  I will just have to chalk this up to a learning experience...not sure yet what the lesson is but God will let me know when it is time.

On a lighter note....

We are having an awesome dinner tonight!  Homemade Corn Dogs and Sweet Potato Fries!  Really excited about it!  Want the recipe for the corn dogs?  Go to the link under the picture!

Sweet Potato Fries that I crinkle cut
using my Salad Shooter!
Homemade Corn Dogs!  Find the recipe HERE!
Vera's area is almost done...need to finish her yarn letters and her embroidered name thing...and then we will be ready for her to be here!

Getting closer to the finish line!!
Thank you all for your love and support :)  BTW...I get to see my parents in two months!!!

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