Thursday, January 19, 2012

SOPA and more

So, yesterday was "Internet Blackout Day".  If you visited my site, there was a pop-up that informed you about a legislation that is trying to be passed that allows SOPA to shut down any website with copyrighted material, without warning or even good cause.  This mean ALL TIME FAVORITE website would cease to exist. If I ever posted a picture of a lyric or a photo without permission, my blog would be shut down.  The internet would be a pretty ugly place.  Brian told me that the two main supporters of this legislation backed out yesterday after such an outpour of negative comments via Google, Wikipedia, and other major sites that participated in the 'blackout'.  I hope this is true.

Today, CNN Money came out with their top 100 places to work and guess who was #1?!  GOOGLE!!  Very exciting!  Brian told me that they are having a party to celebrate and wine and lots of toasts...sounds like a rough day at work :).  This did get me to look at their jobs available, though, and there are a few that look really fun!  Might have to start working on my resume...though they would have to pay me a small fortune to make childcare affordable!

For the past week, or so, I've been vegging out after the kids go to bed.  8:00 is bedtime for the kids and I've been loving going straight to bed as well!  Brian and I watch TV, play card games, and I've also been crocheting!  I started crocheting as a way to calm the mind down before bed and I ended up making a pretty cute blanket for Vera!  The lines aren't even, but the point of this blanket was to help me relax before bed, and for that reason alone I consider this a success!  However, I did tell Brian that since I finished the blanket I feel lazy/empty at night while lying in bed...I need a new project I can do while relaxing!

This weekend we will be tackling Myah's play kitchen.  My goal is to have it completely finished...I think we can do that in two day...right?!  I also have a blanket to make for my bestie. I saw the gorgeous blanket on Pinterest and will be following the on the photo to see the tutorial for yourself!  Don't be afraid to search her site, either...she has some AMAZING tutorials on there!


She used flannel shirts from the Goodwill to make her blanket, but Joann was having a 50% off sale on all I decided to go that route!  Here are the fabrics I'll be making it out of...kinda a hunter theme.  Great for a little boy, right?  I also used a dark brown for the swirly mink...I'm excited to put this together!  Another project for this weekend...I'll need someone to watch the kids so they don't distract me!

Brian and I were laying in bed last night and it hit just a few short weeks we will be new parents again...holy cow!  We still have a lot to do and buy!  We don't have a single newborn diaper in the house, our 2 year old is still not potty trained, we need a pack n play, swing, and we still have boxes full in this house...bah!  Time to get off the computer and start getting stuff done!

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