Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ah, some normalcy...

Brian went back to work today so the kids and I got back to our normal routine!

To start the day, though...we all went to the doctor to see pictures of Ms. Vera!  While we didn't get any to take home (SUCH A BUMMER!!) we got to see some GREAT pictures of her!  She has huge, fat cheeks, big, full lips, and all the required body parts :)!!  Her estimated weight is 3 pounds, 6 ounces which is in the 70th percentile...I think it's safe to say she will be following in her siblings footsteps and will be very early!  No complaints, excited to see her!

After the appointment we dropped Brian off at work and went back to Ikea!  I decided to put together our coffee bar today as my 'project' and it was fun!  Let me say this, though; it is NOT easy trying to make something level, centered, and even with only one person...and a pregnant one at that!  I started the project after nap time and it took a couple of hours to finally decide the layout of all the pieces.  Since I wanted to incorporate the frame and the "R" that I made, I didn't have as much room to put shelves as I had originally thought so I have some returns to do!  I have just a few finishing touches to complete the look (runner on the top, I moved the toaster and will add a vase with flowers, etc), but it came together really easy!  It wasn't pricey, either!  The rods and 's' hooks together cost $20 (could have gotten much cheaper but I wanted it black and to look nice) and the shelf and brackets cost $3.00!  I already had the frame, buffet, and coffee cups, and the "R" cost $10 max!  So, all in all, not an expensive way to create a new 'space' in our home!

While we were at Ikea I got a paper lantern to start the light fixture for the dining room (the one that I showed you in yesterday's post).  I've read quite a few tutorials about it, and everything they say is true.  It is easy, time consuming, and REALLY BORING! LOL!  With Brian helping fold the coffee filters we burned through 200 filters in 90 minutes.  After multiple burns that turned into blisters and my butt becoming numb for sitting still for so long, I had to take a break!  I expect to spend about 6-8 hours total on this sucker...and about 1000 coffee filters!  However, every end result that I have seen online looks AMAZING so I think it will totally be worth it!  

I think tomorrow we will start 'school' again during nap time...if I can stay awake :).

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  1. I'll be over in the morning for a cup of pumpkin spice with a little milk.

    p.s. I'm not sure if it counts if you just post pictures???