Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So, Monday was a super productive day and I ended the day feeling ill. Tuesday the kids were atrocious and I didn't get a single thing done.  Today the kids were awesome and we spent some quality time together, but I still didn't get anything productive done.  I'm really hoping we find a happy medium as a family...and soon!  While I'm not one who enjoys cleaning (understatement of the century...) it's my job now and I need to do it.  If you have any tips on how to 'do it all'...I'm all ears :).

I've started the yarn letters for Vera's corner...and they might be the death of me.  I think my problem is that I chose yarn that is too smooth...not enough room for error.  Trying to get all of the sides covered with yarn in neat lines is SO HARD!  Since I tend to get sloppy when I get frustrated, I moved on to a more relaxing 'project'.  I put it in quotations because I don't really care if I ever finish this's really just relaxing.  I've taken extra yarn from the letters and other past projects and I am crocheting them together.  It is really relaxing, super repetitive, and you can completely zone out mentally while doing it.  Tonight I plan on watching mindless TV while I crochet and settle in for the night. :)  Really looking forward to it!

Update on the dinner I made last night:
The corn dogs tasted awesome!  I would totally recommend this recipe to anyone.  A word of warning, though...there is A LOT of cornbread around the hot dog.  Next time I'm going to add more hot dogs in the pan...we couldn't even finish one hot dog because it was so much food!

I also got a Moby Wrap in the mail from the In-Laws.  Super excited to be able to use it around the's going to be completely necessary with two toddlers to chase around!

I am super excited for Vera to get here, but I've also started to notice Elijah getting really needy.  Now let me preface it with this...I love his neediness.  He wants to kiss and hug me all the time, cuddle, help, etc.  I love all of it.  It makes me smile and fall in love with him all day long.  It also worries me, though. I'm worried how he will handle Vera needing me so much.  Luckily, I'm not doing this journey alone and Brian will be able to help with the transition, but this feels very different from when Eli came into the world.  Myah was still VERY young (13 months) when he was born and so the transition was very easy.  Eli is 2 1/2...and used to being the baby of the family.  I know I'm going to make a huge effort to make sure he feels included when Vera comes; that's my responsibility.  I also realistically know most of us have had siblings that came into the world after us and we all survived intact :).  All-in-all I know that as long as I continue to show him that I love him and he isn't being replaced, we should all be fine.  I just need to keep reminding myself of that ;).

Here are a few pictures of our day today:

Elijah makes this face ALL THE TIME!
It's hilarious!  Good thing he's MUCH cuter
than Macaulay Culkin!
Both kids make faces while watching movies...
these kids crack me up!

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