Wednesday, November 2, 2011

And Away We Go!!

It’s been a few days since the last update and so much has happened!  Friday the packers came (not the ones from Green Bay…that would have been awesome).   Here is what our house looked like after:

Saturday the movers came at 9 am and got everything on the truck by 3ish.  They couldn’t fit everything in the compartment they had allotted us so they had to put some boxes and a few of the kids’ toys on the back of the truck for all to see!  The kids waved goodbye to their coup cars and their basketball goal and said they would see them again in California J!
Saturday night we didn’t really have much planned so we invited ourselves over to the Dechants and as it turns out they needed a sitter.  A sitter for them = a night with cable and comfy couches for us!  We also got to spend some great time with Brett and Jaxon while Crystal and Joe went to a Halloween party.

Sunday was full of errands and saying goodbye to some great friends.  We met Rachel at McDonalds for lunch and got to spend some time with her before we left.  After saying goodbye to Rach we went to the Dechants to watch some football.  Unfortunately for me the Patriots decided to suck and we lost L!  That night we went to the Gunkels and spent a fabulous evening with pizza, ice cream cake, and laughter.   It was amazing seeing the kids playing together and pretend trick-or-treating. 
Through this entire process one thing has become extremely evident: God has blessed us with AMAZING people in our lives that we are very privileged to call our friends.  We thank each and every one of you for all the help, love, and support you have given us not only in the past few weeks, but the entire time we have known you; whether that be a year, or seven J.

Monday was an extremely stressful day.  We had been sleeping in an empty house for two straight days on air beds (THANK YOU SHEILA!!) and the kids were starting to get antsy.  I started the day dropping off some books to Anna and ended up spending the next 30 minutes crying…lol!  The rest of the day was spent clearing up loose ends; paying bills, closing out Real Estate accounts, packing up the car, etc.  Brian and I were definitely snippy with each other and the stress was showing (especially on my face!  I haven’t broken out like this in FOREVER!!)  The kids were very excited to put on their costumes, and after their nap we obliged.  Myah dressed as Tinkerbell and Elijah was a pirate!!  They were ridiculously cute!  Here’s proof:

Alex came over before the trick-or-treating which was wonderful!  Landon came over as well and stayed for the festivities (mainly so he could steal some candy).  Brian and Lyda brought us amazing HOMEMADE DINNER!  Yes, it was exciting enough for all caps!  After 3.5 full days of eating out, tatortot casserole hit the spot…not to mention the donut holes!

The kids did get to go out and fill two whole buckets of candy.  I wanted to give the majority of it away, but apparently that is unheard of J!!  The group consisted of the Dechants, the Sykes, the Pungs, Landon, and our family!  It was amazing weather and really fun to watch the kids have such a good time getting candy.  And not surprisingly Myah showed tons of attitude letting us know when she was done asking for candy!

Needless to say, Monday night was the hardest goodbyes.  As I said before, blessed barely touches how we feel with the people in our lives that care for us.  Thank you doesn’t accurately describe our gratitude so I won’t even try to tell you what all of you mean to us.  All I have to say is, thank God for Facebook, texting, and cell phones!!!!

Yesterday was the BIG DAY!  We woke up around 5 (original plan was to be on the road at 4…haha!) and after getting the last of the things in the car and saying a final farewell to Sheila, we were on our way!  Brian took over the driver’s duties and the kiddos watched a few movies (have I mentioned we LOVE our van?!).  

 By the way…did I mention we passed an exit for Vera Road on I70 in Kansas?  Check it out!:
The kids decided, however, that they were going to start asking “Are we there yet” when we hit Topeka…yep…that was fun!  We decided around 8 that we wanted to stop for breakfast…and what better place than SPANGLES?!!!!!  That’s right.  As an homage we had a final hurrah at Spangles:

This one's for the Dechants! We said Hello to Hoxie for you!!

 After  that we had a minor potty emergency (Myah said she had to go really bad and we were 20 miles out of our stop in Colby) so we had to cheerlead her the whole way to make sure she didn’t pee in her seat.  THAT would have made for an awful addition to the trip!

We finally made it to The Oasis in Colby, KS!  They had a great outdoor playplace (in which Elijah took a nosedive off a slide and busted up his face) and they got to run out some energy while playing soccer with Brian: 
Nope, we aren't in California...just the Oasis in COLBY, KANSAS!  Yep...palm trees in western Kansas!

 Nap time followed (for the kids)and we made it into Denver!

 On a side note: if you have ever traveled from Kansas to Colorado you know it’s a major disappointment to realize that you don’t see mountains as soon as you cross the state line.  Not only that, but it takes a good 100 miles until you see ANYTHING!  So, of course, Brian and I had to see which one of us saw the first mountain.  Unfortunately for Brian, he’s not so good at this game.  Check out MY mountain (it’s real, you can actually see it) and HIS mountain (it takes an amazing imagination because it didn’t exist).
Here is my mountain (first of the day!)
And Brian's,'s just clouds...
 We checked into the hotel and brought our bags in so we could get ready for our first activity!!  We got dressed and cleaned up and made our way to the Children’s Museum of Denver : INSERT PICTURE.  We were going to go Wednesday, but Brian discovered that they had a FREE time from 4-8 on Tuesdays…SCORE!  For your information, when a children’s place has a free time, it’s going to be swamped.  What else do parents of little kids have to do on a Tuesday night?  Not much because they were all at the Museum!  The kids had a great time playing with bubbles, running up and down the play places, and Myah got to go shopping!

We went to dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse (Thank you Google!!) and it was delicious! I wish the kids would have thought so as well, but I think the day had caught up to them and they refused to eat.  Oh well, they will be hungry enough in the morning!

I can’t wait to see what today brings!  The plan is to go to the Aquarium and then home for naps and indoor swimming at the hotel in the afternoon but with the snow Denver is supposed to get tonight (4 inches +) we will have to see!  Might need to test drive the Van to see how she handles!
This is what you get when you
want to take a picture of Myah
and Eli is feeling left out...
a random picture of him jumping
More updates tonight!

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