Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's only 9:20?!

Hello, All!

After much provoking, Brian FINALLY posted about his week (you can check it out right after this post!)  He left a lot out, but suffice it to say, he had a great time!  Google took the new hires out for a bike tour, had a social at a local bar and grill, and had an awesome scavenger hunt; which Brian's team won!  He came home everyday so excited about the new things he was learning and would send me texts all day about the cool benefits we get...this has been such a blessing to our family!

Week 2 of work for him has started, and he's still settling in.  Luckily for him it's a short week (Thanksgiving is Thursday and he gets Friday off...woot!)  I'm really excited for him because he's meeting up with some old friends this week for meals...but I'm also insanely jealous! LOL!  In Kansas he got it easy...he became friends with my friends' husbands and I did all the socializing 'work'.  Out's all him (at least for right now).  Lyda and I were talking about this and it's so true.  For now, I have to put my trust in him that he will make some friends with wives that I can befriend...he just needs to get on that! :)

The kids and I are starting to feel boxed in to the apartment.  950sqft feels very small, very quickly when you are all in the same room all day!  We've explored some of the local parks and have found one that we love...but it's 15 miles away.  Not a big deal since we don't have too much to do...but gas is expensive!!

Luckily for us, we get a FANTASTIC distraction today...we are getting the keys to our new home!  The landlords called yesterday and asked if we would like the house early since they had moved out. Yes, please!  The main bummer is that we can't get our belongings delivered yet.  We are trying to work on getting the move date moved up, but that's easier said than done.  Either way, it will give us space to run around, projects for me to do, and some sense of permanency!  Wahoo!

For Thanksgiving we are incredibly blessed this year...Nam and Erin are coming to visit!  It's going to be the ultimate FriendsGiving!  They are coming Wednesday and staying through Saturday so they will be able to see the new home!  We are all looking forward to seeing some familiar faces; especially on a holiday that you spend with loved ones :)!!

There had been a minor hiccup in our move out here...I am still looking for an OB.  It's been 5 weeks since my last appointment and thank God Vera moves a lot, otherwise I'd be worried sick!  We had initially signed up for BCBS of California...and it was awful trying to find an OB around here.  Apparently Kaiser is the insurance provider of choice.  So I convinced Brian to switch.  We had received some recommendations from our realtor (his wife is an OB/GYN up north and has an OB/GYN in Milpitas she still goes to).  I'm praying that this all gets figured out quickly.  Kaiser has been a lot easier to work with and I did some research on the doctors that were recommended to me last night and found a hospital.  Hopefully things start falling into place with the insurance!  It's a foreign world to me having issues with insurance.  I've had close friends battle with insurance before, and I never envied them...and I hope this is all the battling we have to do!

Google has a holiday party on the 9th of December...Brian is so excited!  I just need to find a dress that will look flattering on this ever increasing body of mine!  Vera will be here in just a few months...which means a visit from my parents!  So excited (about both things:))!

I'll let you know how our walk through goes today...I'm not anticipating any problems and I can't wait to see the house again!

Love you all!

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