Friday, November 4, 2011

Day's starting to wear on us!

On the road...again!  The kids are such
troopers! And the altitude doesn't
bother them at all!  We are so lucky!

After the breakfast fiasco, I can’t say the day got any brighter.  Kansans, you have some MAJOR competition in the ‘windiest place’ category!  When we were driving through Wyoming we had to go 45 mph just to stay on the road.  We saw at least 4 overturned semis and even a truck with a Winnebago on the back – completely smashed up.  I did a quick prayer for those in the Winnebago and hoped there was no one in the back when it tipped because it was demolished. On top of the wind there was FOG!  Not pansy fog but "ominous-can't see in front of you-rolling in" type of fog.  All these conditions made for a very loooooong day; but we survived!
Hello, Wyoming!

We passed 1000 miles!  Over halfway there!

I wasn't kidding about the fog.  Maybe 1/4 mile
visibility for 30 minutes makes a for a long drive.
The kids watched  A LOT of movies today...with the weather we tried to not stop too many times.  We stopped for lunch in Rawling, WY at the Pizza Hut.  In accordance with our day so far, the buffet was empty because we walked in after 10 guys on their lunch break from working outside.  So we had to wait about 30 minutes before we could even get a piece to eat.  We couldn't wait to get back on the road at that point, but we had to wait and eat, otherwise we (I) would be miserable :)!

If you are ever travelling to the West Coast by car (it's really not bad...I would recommend it!) make sure you take a pit stop in Evanston, WY.  It's right before the state line, and it's nothing gorgeous, but the McDonalds has the COOLEST play place for the kids!  We were only an hour out from our hotel, but since my sciatic nerve was acting up and Myah had to go potty, we decided to stop...I'm so glad we did!  They had these really cool seats that were saddles for the kids and the play place was so clean!  They even had signs that proved they hire a cleaning service to clean the play place daily!  Love it!  The room was big enough so I could walk around and stretch out as well :).  All-in-all, a great stop!

Passing through Wyoming we saw signs for the Continental Divide.  The term was familiar, but I wasn't sure exactly what that was.  For those of you who are like me, here is what we drove through:

We made it to Utah with an hour left to drive...and it is spectacular!  Utah is completely beautiful!Everywhere you look is a place to stop and take pictures.  I decided to take my eye from behind the camera and appreciate it fully :).  Sorry there are only a few pictures!

We made it to Utah!  Or as Elijah likes to call it:

We have seen some of the most gorgeous
rock formations on this drive!

We made it to our hotel.  I have been really happy with the hotel choices we have made!  They have been clean and very beautiful!  This time we stayed in a King Suite...and Sweet it is!!  It has a fully stocked kitchen complete with pots, pans, stove, fridge...the works!  Too bad we were only staying for a day!  There was a TV in the main room AND in the 'master'!  It's the small things that make me truly happy right now!  The couch folded out into a double, and the kids got to watch some Nick Jr before bed!

Check out the wood floors!

 The night was a little long.  Myah finally caught the cold Elijah and I have been getting over so she was up coughing for a lot of the night.  I finally felt bad enough about it to run out to the van at 1:30 am and get her some medicine...but then she didn't want to go back to sleep...awesome.  So we did a bed swap and I slept on the double with Eli (until he decided he wanted to sleep with Daddy).  7:15 rolled around way too soon and the kids were ready to eat!  Have I said how much I love this hotel? Hot, complementary breakfast...with Starbucks coffee.  This place is awesome! If you ever find yourself in the Salt Lake City area, stay at the Hyatt Summerfield Suites in Sandy, is awesome!  There is even a 95 degree outdoor heated pool that is still open!

The plan for today is to drive to Lake Tahoe and spend the next two days in Nevada!  Hopefully the weather cooperates...there has already been snowfall last night in Nevada and rumors of more snow today!  Wish us luck and send us prayers of safe travels!

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  1. Sounds like you are having fun! Only thing wrong with tat hotel is its not a marriott.