Saturday, November 12, 2011

We found a home!!!

Ladies and Gents...after searching for just a few days, we have found our new home!  We are so excited!  Here are some pictures:
The front of the house.  The landscaping is GORGEOUS!

This is the 4th bedroom, or as I like to call it:
My Craft Room :)!
Laundry Room
Downstairs.  This will be the kids' play area!  All to themselves!

Still downstairs.  There is a built-in desk and bar area...
this home is beautiful!

This is the eat-in area in the kitchen that we will use
for the kids' school area!

Updated Kitchen overlooking the backyard :)

So excited I don't have to give up my gas stove!
The owner's Son-in-law is the Realtor...he's awesome!

Living room with Bay window.  Cannot WAIT
to put a Christmas Tree front and center!

Another shot of the LR

The first level of the back deck (yes, first level...
there are 4!)

View of more levels!

Our new lemon tree!

There are already some GIANT lemons ready to be picked!

Bottom level of deck that connects to the kids' playroom level!
This is going to be perfect for them to play outside anytime they want!

Myah's closet.  All of the closets
have cedar flooring!

Myah's Room

Elijah's Room

View of master from door

My closet!  Brian has his own and won't have to
step over my things now:)!

Another view of the master

Another view...that area to the left will be
where Vera stays!  It's a great 8x8 area!

Gotta love the pink bathroom!!

Vera's "Room"
After talking to Fabian (the Realtor) we found out that the home had originally been listed for $3000 a month...WAY out of our price, not even close!  He had talked his father-in-law into dropping the price...just in time for us to see it on Trulia!  When we viewed it, there were a few family members there painting the home and getting it ready and they told us a little about the owners, their situation, and the area.  This home has been a one owner, family home for the past 28 years...and you can tell!  You can instantly feel the love in the house; there is even markings in the garage of children's heights!  I instantly fell in love with this house...even though it's a side-to-side split (those who know me well know that I have been SO over split levels!)  The family is moving to be closer to one of their daughters...the family is very close and that is awesome!

When I called the next morning to tell the Realtor we wanted to put in an application, he informed me there were two other applications that he had and he would present ours with the others that afternoon.  My anxiety instantly rose...this house had been calling my name and we might not get it!  After writing a letter of why we loved the home and who we were and filling out the app, we sent it on.  Just a few hours later Fabian called to say congrats!  The owners loved the letter and chose us!  We felt so incredibly lucky and blessed that they had chosen our application over two others!

We went by today to drop off our deposit check and meet Fabian...he is awesome!  He told us more about the family and the area...this place reminds us a lot of Olathe...very suburban with all the shops you love!  The town is right at the base of some mountains (the people here call them hills...LOL!) and there is a park down the street!  We also found out that there is a national park and golf course just a few miles away in the "Hills"!  We signed the lease for 18 months and could not be happier!

Ironically enough, we sold a lot of things in our garage sale, and now we will have to buy furniture to fill the house!  I'm still in astonishment at how everything has gone so far.

Oh!  Fabian's wife (the owners daughter) is an OB/GYN and can tell me who to go to out here!  Seriously...who gets this lucky?!

I hope you guys are having fun travelling along with us!  Brian's birthday is tomorrow (a VERY OLD 28) and he starts at Google on Monday!  Lots going on and we have just started!

Love you all!


  1. That's great news! Super happy for you.

  2. Thanks Crystal! There's plenty of room for the Dechant family when you guys come out here :)!

  3. Jen-

    This is Kendra and I have been following from seeing your link on Facebook. Congratulations on finding the perfect home for your family and it seems a lot of good things are in store for you all!