Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thank God for friends!!

Hello, all! Hope you haven't missed the rowdy Relphs too much!

Sunday was Brian's 28th Birthday!  Holy crap, he's an old man! I can say that for 6 more months...then 28 will be the new 21 :)!  We spent the day relaxing before his first big day at GOOGLE!  I had asked him the night before what he wanted for his meals and this is what he asked for/got:

Breakfast: French toast from an actual french bread loaf with maple sausage
Lunch: Italian sub with Kettle cooked BBQ chips
Dinner: Tacos (and the kids even partook in this one!)
I also made him his favorite cake: yellow with chocolate frosting :)

Yep...Suzy Homemaker over here ;)  As long as he was happy on his birthday, the mess was all worth it!

Surprisingly, he actually got some sleep Sunday night and early Monday morning we all hopped in the minivan and drove Brian to work.  He had to be there at 8 and didn't know the bus situation yet, so it became a family affair!  It was awesome to be a part of his first day and to wish him luck as he walked into his first day of orientation!  There was a lot of cool things he learned, but I'm not sure which I'm allowed to share, so I will make him write a blog at the end of the week about his first week :)!

It had been about 3 weeks since the kids and I had a whole day together without "Daddy" to run it was finally time for Mommy Bootcamp!  These kids needed some of their structure back and they made it very evident that they did not like the idea :).  For example...they didn't play the IPad the whole day because neither of them could stop yelling at each other.  It also took them over an hour to fall asleep for their nap (which was REALLY irritating because I wanted to sleep!!)  I got to talk to my sister via Skype for about an hour (Yay!) and that pretty much filled up our day!

Around 5 I texted Brian and asked if he wanted us to come and get him.  He did (he must have missed us :)) so off to Mountain View we went!  We got to talk about his first day and we went to Red Robin to celebrate!

We got the kids to bed WAY too late (9pm) and passed out ourselves.  We had an early day planned for Tuesday (today) and had to be on the road at 7...good luck!

I couldn't sleep well so I got up at 6 without a problem and walked the kids out the door at 7:00.  Then I decided to go to Starbucks (thank you Crystal and Joe!) but I SWEAR there isn't one anywhere with a drive through!  Now, I really am not THAT lazy; but when you are in a hurry and have 2 toddlers with you...the LAST thing you want to do is find a parking spot for a minivan and schlep the whole family in to get coffee.

I did it anyway.  Then we were finally on the road to...COPPEROPOLIS!  I am so lucky to have a friend who lives pseudo close to us (120 miles) from Kansas!  So the kids and I went out to see Courtney and her little man Ronan!  We had a great time at the playground with her Mommy group and  then some yummy Mexican food at a local eatery!  We headed back to her house and tried to lay the kids down for a nap....that didn't work so well :).  So, the kids came upstairs and decided to wreck havoc!  By the way...have I mentioned how GORGEOUS Courtney's house is?  Here's proof:
This is the view from the front of her house...for real.

The front door.

Panoramic view from the LR

View from the back porch

Part of her wrap around porch (it's two levels :))

And the kiddos making a MESS!

At the end of this visit, Elijah had a fat lip...but it was all worth it!  Thanks, Courtney, for opening your home to us! Can't wait for your visit in December!!

On the way home (2.5 hrs) I got to talk to my Dad, Austin, and Lyda!  It was awesome being able to catch up...the kids even said Hi to Lyda!

Tonight has one priority...JAYHAWK BASKETBALL!  ROCK CHALK, BABY! GO KU!!

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