Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Being a native...

Not to start off this blog being negative...but we are having trouble adjusting to the time change.  We daylight savings time expiring, it's like a 3 hour difference for us.  So we've (the kids and I) been waking up around 5...starving!  Brian, not being pregnant or a toddler, doesn't understand our need to eat as soon as we wake up, but I finally strong arm him into taking us to IHOP right down the street.  Yep, another great local spot :).

After a filling breakfast, we went back to the hotel to decided what we wanted to do that day. Since we were a day early and we wanted to do touristy things...we had a lot of options!  We decided that the most touristy thing we could do would be go to the Fisherman's Wharf and see the Golden Gate Bridge!  Luckily for us it was a Sunday and the weather was great, so it wasn't too overwhelming!  After finding a parking garage ($28.00...yep...ridiculous), we grabbed the kiddos and went to the wharf!  The Bay is gorgeous!  You can see Alcatraz Island, the Golden Gate Bridge, Sausalito, and lots of other great places!  San Francisco is a beautiful place!

The first thing we did was find 2 WWII ships that had sailed.  They were humongous and very cool to see up close!  Eli got a little scared when the boat started swaying in the water, but it was awesome to see how massive these things were!  Walking back we saw they were doing boat tours of the Bay and around I said, our purpose was to be super we HAD to do it!  Plus, the kids were free :).  So we bought tickets for an hour boat tour of the glad we did!

The tour was awesome!  I love history, so listening to the tour on the headset was definitely a highlight for me.  The kids did fantastic on their first boat ride, as well!  There was a moment when Eli and Myah got a little nervous: after passing under the Golden Gate Bridge the boat comes to a complete stop to turn around...which makes for a VERY rocky few minutes.  Cups, tables, and people were flying around...easy to see why he was scared :).  He told me he was done after that and wanted to get off the boat, but we still had 30 minutes left of the tour, so we played I Spy with boats in the Bay...distracting toddlers is so easy sometimes!

We shared the tour with about 50 Japanese tourists. I only mention this because all 50 took about 10 pictures, EACH, of my kids.  I don't really care if people take pictures of my kids...I think they are gorgeous and enjoy when other people do as well (what mommy doesn't?!).  However, it got old after a while and the kids even stopped smiling and started hiding their faces in our stomachs.  You know there are a lot of people taking pictures when your kids start getting uncomfortable!  I just hope these pictures aren't used for anything public or inappropriate!  I was talking to Brian about why they were taking pictures, and he likened it to going to Africa and us taking pictures of the beautiful African children.  That made more sense to me, but being tourists ourselves, it was funny being seen as a 'native' :)!

Seeing Alcatraz up close was something to remember!  I can't wait to go back and actually tour the facility (without kids).

After the tour it was lunch time.  There were the most amazing smelling restaurants (huts) all around the wharf, but being pregnant and already having my share of fish for the week, we had to avoid those and go somewhere else...which is a MAJOR BUMMER!  If you know ANYTHING about me, you know I appreciate good seafood...I'll just have to make another trip after Vera is born :).  In any event, we decided we would go to Rainforest Cafe so the kids could see some more fish.  I don't know if you sense a  trend here, but my kids LOVE fish!

After the cafe we went back to the hotel for naps :) YAY!  We had nothing planned for the rest of the day, so we thought we would catch a movie with the kids.  We had seen this really cool shopping area that morning called "The Shops at Tanforan".  It was beautiful, but most importantly, it had a TWO STORY TARGET!  That's right people...two stories!!  It was awesome! It even had tracks for your cart to go up and down while you rode the escalator...super cool!  I needed some additional maternity clothes, so we picked up a few things. It was also dinner time, and you can only eat burgers and fries so many times, so we got smoothies and some Auntie Anne's pretzels....yum!  We decided not to bring the kids to a movie...they had been sitting too much this whole week.  The mall was closing in 30 minutes so we went back to the hotel.

Did I mention they put us on the second floor?  That wouldn't be such a big deal except we bring about 10 different full sized bags in with us when we stay for longer than a day...yep...that's a lot of hauling crap up and down stairs.

Bedtime came and went and we spent the morning breakfast time at their cafe eating a complementary breakfast :)...

Keep following along and read the next blog to see what we do next!  Also, I will load up pictures later today!

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