Sunday, November 20, 2011

[Guest Post] Werk, Werk

Pretty incredible, but I have finished my first week of work at Google.  Monday through Friday went by fast, but it was also jam-packed full of stuff.  On Wednesday, I could not believe everything that had happened in just those first two days!  All-in-all, Google has been everything that I had heard - a great atmosphere, fantastic people, awesome perks ... it is quite obvious why it is near the top of every "top-employer" list.  I think every employer tries to make things orientation fun and exciting, but somehow they don't turn out quite as much fun.  Like, we had a scavenger hunt on the main campus, looking for different landmarks, displays, activities, etc... Even the security guards, the retail store casheirs, and the off-site bartenders got in on the fun!  There is just something different here...

So, what were the best things from the week?  I really can't say enough about the people.  I had read a lot about the Google culture, and how even as a big company, they try not to lose themselves in "corporate-ness".  How does this manifest itself?  One noticeable thing was not only was I introduced to all of my peers in the same organization, but also all of my manager's peers in the organization on the very first day.  I then had introductory meetings with the director of my organization on the very next day!  Plus, everyone knew who I was, and had been actually planning on meeting me.  It is a great feeling that everyone knows everybody else, and the entire group is comfortable talking face-to-face, up and down the chain.  It inspires transparency, and definitely made me feel at home right away.

I am also car-less for the first time in a long time.  My car in Kansas was getting up there, and also was scheduled for quite a bit of work, so we cut ties before driving out.  Now, I am a public transportation guy, but the shuttle service is pretty convenient.  Right now, the shuttle picks me up just a few hundred feet from my front door, and I can completely ignore the massive amount of traffic on the way there!  After we move, the bus-stop will be closer to 2 miles away, but Milpitas is a small town with California weather - it should work out just fine.  I am currently riding one of the not-quite-top-of-the-line shuttles, but the coolest thing is they all have wifi available.  Some are double-decker, and others have all leather seats!  Another great thing about using the shuttles is that it helps keep me on a good work-schedule: always up early, and always home for dinner.  With a car, it is much easier to try and finish one(-hundred) last thing(s), and it up missing out eating with my family.  I am sure I will need to work some evenings, but at least I will be at home to do it!

In general, Google is awesome because it lets me do what I love to do (engineer software), and takes care of literally everything else.  I don't have to worry about food, traffic, making a name for myself.  Meals are provided, they drive me to work, and everyone already knows me and whats to see what I can do!

It is very exciting, can't wait for my second week!

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  1. That's awesome Brian. Sounds like a great place. What a perk that Jen actually knows when you'll be home. She can look busy at that time of day... Lol

    Also, could you make your pet project fixing all my issues with blogger!