Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 2 of our travels!

7.5" of snow!  Great view from our window, huh? :)
Wednesday was such a great day!  We were greeted with 7.5” of snow that had fallen overnight and was still flowing!  Since we were used to getting up early with the kids, breakfast at 6am was the plan!  We decided to eat at the hotel buffet before we decided what we wanted to do for the day.  When we got back to the hotel room, we discovered that there were school closings all over the Denver area…over 7.5”?  I was pretty surprised that they weren’t better prepared for the snow since they had ample warning!  We decided to go to the Denver Aquarium, but they didn’t open until 10 am so we had a lot of time to kill; which meant lots of Nick Jr!  We left for the aquarium at 9:15 and I was shocked to see how bad the roads were!  I mean, come on Denver…this wasn’t your first snow fall ever!  The streets were full of snow and slush and they didn't even look like they had been plowed in hours!

Seriously, Denver...not impressed!

It took us an HOUR to go 15 miles…but we finally made it to the aquarium!  This was BY FAR the coolest aquarium I had ever been to!  There were so many exhibits, fish, information, and activities!  I was incredibly impressed with this place!  It took us about 1.5 hours to go through the whole thing; North America, the Rainforest, The Desert, and the deep ocean!  The sharks were very cool to see in the EXTREMELY large area!  Here are some of the things we saw and loved:
This one's for you, Lauren! They loved
the 'trout fish'!!
The kiddos were so excited to see
the fish!

Pointing at all the fish

I made it into a picture!! :)

Isn't this so cool? They do this in the
shark tank as well!

Check out the size of this fish!
Bigger than BOTH of the kids!!

We got a chance to touch some sting rays...
Unfortunately they outsmarted us
and stayed far away!

As you can tell, the kids LOVED IT!  They have loved fish for quite some time since Lauren took them to Cabelas and Bass Pro to look at the ‘trout fish’ J

We had heard great things about the food at the aquarium so we ate there!  Let me tell you….everything they say is true!  The food was SPECTACULAR!  We had a shrimp and crab dip, soup and sandwich (NE Clam Chowder for me!) and finished it off with this amazing desert called the “Shark Attack”!  It is their version of the Molten Lava Volcano…and it was amazing!!  Needless to say, we ate the whole thing and left with overstuffed bellies J.  Since it was nap time, we went back to the hotel and slept for 2.5 hours…thank God!!!  I think everyone needed the rest!

After the nap, we didn’t have much planned so we went to the local mall, just to walk around and get out some energy.  Myah got a new pair of pants from Children’s Place for $10!  Moms out there…go! It’s  a great deal on jeans and they are super cute!  Brian wanted to get a new KU hat since he had packed his away, but not surprisingly they didn’t have a huge selection of KU hats, so he left empty handed.  Then we ate dinner and went downstairs so the kids could play on their indoor play place (I love those things!!)  We passed a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory kiosk and stopped to get a desert (Yes, I know they are everywhere…but we were IN the Rockies!) We had promised Myah she could ride this super awesome train that took people from one side of the mall to the other…until we realized it would be $12 for the whole family and we only had $5 in cash.  Sad story for her!  She, of course, got upset and Brian felt bad for her (sucker!) so we went to Clare’s to get her a necklace.  Lucky for her they had a 10 for $10 deal…not bad at all!  We got lots of necklaces, hair clips, and I got a fun pair of socks (pics soon to follow J).

It was a long day, so we headed home after that and went to bed!  Unfortunately for me, I woke up at 5am…and couldn’t go back to sleep!  I waited an hour or so and turned on the tv…I couldn’t wait any longer!  We finally got up and about and loaded up the car at 7:30 and decided to head to Utah!  About 10minutes into the drive, Myah decided she needed to pee…awesome.  We were also super hungry for breakfast, so we stopped at a Wendy’s to eat.  Unfortunately for us, they don’t serve breakfast at Wendy’s in this area…strike 1.  So back in the car we went to Burger King.  When we got there the door was locked.  They were open and serving breakfast so we knocked on the door.  One of the workers told us that they had a roof collapse in the night and the lobby was closed for the day. Strike 2.  They at least let us in so Myah could go to the bathroom and stop whining about it!  We passed a McDonalds on the way to BK so we pulled in to a very busy parking lot (duh! BK was closed and Wendy’s didn’t serve breakfast!).  We went to walk in the door when we noticed a ‘DANGER’ sign on the doors.  Seriously?!  What’s wrong with this place?!   One of the workers saw our extremely exasperated looks and told us we could go in the doors…I don’t think I could have handled finding another place!

So that’s the start of our day!  I’m sure much more will follow and we will keep you posted!
Our plan today is to drive to Sandy, Utah, stay in our hotel, and leave in the morning to Lake Tahoe!  Wish us luck and safe travels! Love you all!

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