Monday, February 13, 2012

I know...I know...

Yes.  It has been 11 days since my last post.  And it's been full...this post is about the fun stuff...I will do a separate post for BabyWatch 2012: Lady Vera Grace:).

Friday, the 3rd, Myah had her second gymnastics class and she did great!  There are only two other people in her class including a VERY obnoxious girl who refuses to follow directions.  Miraculously, it isn't Myah, though I do worry she will be a bad influence on Myah because this is her first class and she doesn't know how it's SUPPOSED to go.  She is having tons of fun, though, and the teachers are awesome!  They have lots of patience, creativity, and they seem to actually have fun with the kids!  Kuddos to them, because I just want to put some of them in time-out :).

Elijah still isn't on the 'gymnastics train' yet, but the last time we went (2/10) he did ask to play...maybe next session he will be ready!

We went to the DeAnza flea market on Saturday.  I wanted to get out of the house and I love flea markets, so it seemed like the perfect idea!  However, ideas rarely are as ideal as one hopes :).  We parked two blocks away to save $5 on parking (which isn't a big deal...unless you are 9 months preggo), and only made it halfway through the flea market.  Brian was bored, the kids were hungry, and I had started having contractions while walking around.  We stopped by Five Guys on the way home and Myah decided to follow my and Elijah's example and eat ketchup!  Proud momma :).

Sunday was the SuperBowl.  I won't bore you with sports talk...mainly because my team lost :(...but Brian invited a few people over from work and it was a nice time!  I spent the morning getting food ready which was completely exhausting.  Since my contractions had started earlier in the weekend, they have been irregular, but incredibly uncomfortable and exhausting, so I had to take a nap before everyone came over!  The kids got to play with two little boys that belong to Brian's coworker and they had a really great time!  I also learned something interesting about Chinese culture.  The mom of the boys and I were talking about what I was going to do after the baby is born.  She asked me if I was going to be hiring a nanny, and I told her that Brian will be home for a few weeks, my parents are coming out, and I stay at home with the kids, so I should be fine.  Her jaw dropped...which I was really surprised about.  Apparently, in Hong Kong and other major cities in China, new moms hire a nanny in 24 hour increments to help with the baby.  She said since there is such a large Chinese culture out here, it is common to follow the tradition.  She said for $100 I can hire a nanny for 24 hours to cook, clean, watch the kids, and do pretty much anything I want her to.  While, in theory, that sounds awesome...what the heck would I do?!

She is really sweet, though, and complimented me on my parenting.  She said my kids were very well behaved and wants some tips on how to get her kids to behave :).  Very sweet, and very wrong LOL!  I love my kids and, yes, they do have moments of being really good...but it's not all the time and not worthy of my advice...for sure!  But it does feel nice to be recognized as a good mommy :).

The next week was a pretty low-key one, with a small trip to the hospital (more on that in a later post).  The kids have been having a hard time this week.  I've heard "no" so many times my head has been spinning.  They have been extremely defiant refusing to do anything they are asked.  It's been very frustrating since I haven't been feeling well...I'm hoping things turn around soon.

This past weekend, my kids learned some awesome new tricks!  Brian taught the kids how to dribble the basketball and bounce pass.  It was not only adorable to watch the kids learn, but it was awesome seeing how proud Brian was when the kids succeeded!  We also played foursquare...even me!

Brian worked a lot over the weekend preparing for his paternity leave...whenever that starts!  I really can't complain about it, though.  He loves it and it's nice to see him so fulfilled and challenged by his job.

We also finally set up the spare bed in the craft room downstairs.  Now we're ready for my parents to come!  Less than a month away and the Bedores will be rocking it in California!! Woot!!

Other fun facts: Myah had a few days where her 'shadow' was her best friend.  She would watch everywhere she walked to watch her shadow and even let her shadow go potty before her: they were taking turns, apparently.  When she was ready to walk away, she would bend down and 'pick up' her shadow and put it in her pocket.  The things kids do are really funny!

I also made Vera a blanket and a few Boppy covers!  Myah is going to have a matching blanket and I'll make Eli one too so they don't feel left out.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day...pretty positive it will be a relaxing day at home!

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