Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Three months went fast...

Today is a momentous day.

Ok, maybe nothing that dramatic, but it's a pretty cool day!  My mom is celebrating her birth today and the kids and I have been practicing singing "Happy Birthday KeeKee" so we can sing it to her later tonight!  Love you Momma!

Today also marks the anniversary of Brian and I's first date.  I know not everyone celebrates, or even remembers, their first date with their SO...but Brian and I love to celebrate things!  It has been EIGHT years since our first date!  EIGHT YEARS!! I am so old!

For our first date, Brian came over to watch the Superbowl with me...instead of with his fraternity brothers (knew he was a keeper right then!).  Since it was the first time we had hung out, Lyda watched the game with us as keep things light and not as awkward.  And then Janet Jackson showed her nipple.  Yep...that was on our first date! :)  After the Patriots pulled out a win with a winning kick by Vinatieri (which was the same time Brian and I held hands for the first time), we decided to go see a movie.  I have no clue what the movie was that we decided to see...because the movie theater was CLOSED!  There had been a huge snow storm that day and after driving through all the snow and the slush in his 98 Honda Civic, we saw that it was closed!  We decided to go sledding on campus, instead! It was a really fun idea...ideas don't always turn out the way you planned :).  I was wearing heels which helped me climb back up the hill...but it was really exhausting and not as fun as with a group of we only rode the hill a few times. Then we went to his fraternity house and he showed me around and we watched a movie.  While the date didn't turn out as we had planned in our heads, we still had a GREAT time and still laugh about it to this day!

Finally, today is 'momentous' because it marks our 3rd month since we have moved.  I cannot believe that it's been three months!  I still feel like I don't know this place, at all!  We haven't really made any friends and are just now getting into activities...and it's been three months!  BLEH!  So, in honor of the 3 month mark, I've decided to make a top 10 list of things I miss and don't miss about Kansas!

Things I Miss about Kansas:
1. My friends (this really could just be all 10 things...but that would be lame)
2. My neighborhood (we could not have asked for a better place to live with better people!)
3. Familiarity of the city (moving to a completely new place is very disorienting!)
4. Watching KU Sports with other KU fans (not as fun when it's just Brian and I)
5. Hosting parties (I love cooking for other people...)
6. Heartland Community Church (when you find 'your church' it's hard to move on...)
7. Being in the same time zone as everyone else you talk to (it's hard to set up phone dates when there is a 2-3 hour time difference!)
8. Mi Ranchito (this HAD to make the list...I miss good food!!)
9. Schools in JOCO (can't really go wrong in this whole county with the schools)
10. My bathroom/shower (the pink throne in CA is seriously lacking...)

Things I DON'T Miss about Kansas:
1. Food Sales Tax (It's amazing how much more I can buy without that stupid tax!)
2. Lack of racial diversity (seriously...I'm a minority out here...and it's kinda great!)
3. The landscape (I'm not a huge fan of 'rolling fields'...and there are natural lakes here ;)  plus an ocean!)
4. The traffic (I know traffic out here is notorious...but it's not that bad...and drivers in KS are MUCH worse than out here....)
5. Lack of flea markets (I'm a sucker for them and finally moved to a place that has TONS!)
6. Yard work (nothing beats having a gardener take care of it for you...frees up a whole weekend!
7. They don't have an IKEA (major points for CA)
8. The weather (be honest, no one LOVES the weather in KS)
9. Brian's old job at Cerner (Google makes him SO much happier)
10. Being super close to Missouri (I know my fellow KU-ers agree!)

I'm going to be was a lot harder to come up with things that I DON'T miss about KS and I could have made the first list much longer.  It's still hard to think of this change as a permanent one.  One year ago we were just settling into a new life...and here we are doing it again.  Life is crazy and you never know what is going to happen.  Luckily, Brian and I have the faith in God that He will always provide and will lead us in the right directions :).

Baby V will be here before we know it!  I'm 34 weeks tomorrow (I'll post a pic) and since Eli came at 37 weeks, we could possibly be looking at a newborn in 3 weeks!  She is definitely running out of room and I'm ready to be done being pregnant for a while!

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