Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's that time of year...

Hello Friends, Family, and Others: (gotta love Modern Family!)

It's been a busy week!  Still trying to unpack (I'm pretty sure I will unpack the last box the same month we are supposed to move out!), started preschool with the kids, trying to finish holiday preparations, and about a million more things!!!

Last week I got the kids' preschool program in the mail! I was so excited!  It's from Star-Brite and, so far, we love it!  It's really hands-on with multiple project that the kids do everyday!  We also talk about the weather, dress Wendy (our weather girl) in the appropriate clothes for the weather, put up a new day on the calendar and learn the days of the week, and SO MUCH MORE!  Myah loves the school atmosphere and keeps calling me "Teacher" (even though I have told her she can still call me Mommy :)).  She's learning to write numbers and letters and is still trying to learn patience...:).  Elijah is still pretty young for a preschool program of this capacity but he enjoys sitting next to Myah and trying to follow along with the lesson!  We went to Ikea today and bought each of them a chair and a more getting up and down off the floor for me!

We met our OB/GYN on Wednesday morning and really like her!  Since my medical records had not been delivered yet, we made another appointment to see her in 2 weeks: 12/28...and we get to have another ultrasound!  So excited to see our little nugget again!  I will post pictures as soon as we get them!

Wednesday night we decided to take a tour of one of San Jose's pride and joys: Christmas in the Park!  It's an awesome place to bring the kids in the winter!  It's a park full of Christmas trees that have been decorated by different groups around the area; NHS groups, Churches, Preschools, Elementary Schools, etc.  The kids loved the trees!  There were at least 100, probably more!  They had lots of rides for the kids and Santa was there to take pictures with!  The best part of this...IT'S ALL FREE!!!  The kids were so excited to see Santa and tell him what they wanted for Christmas (both want an airplane)! Neither were scared and ran right up to say hi!  I have a video and as soon as I can figure out how to post it...I will!  After seeing Santa, we went to dinner at Original Joe's to celebrate one whole month of being in California!  Yep, it's only been a month....feels A LOT longer than that :).

On Friday Brian and I went to the Google Holiday party at the San Jose Technology Museum!  It was our first night away from the kids in MONTHS!  We are so blessed to have an amazing friend in our landlord's son-in-law and he offered to babysit the kids!  The next challenge was finding a dress that was less than $100...I have nothing against maternity dresses...except that the formal ones are so expensive!!  After doing some online shopping and going to MANY maternity stores, I finally went to JCPennys.   I don't know why I didn't go there in the first place...that is THE place to go for evening dresses!  Cute, large selection, and CHEAP!  I got a great (non maternity) dress for $50!  I also bought Brian a matching shirt and gold tie...very sharp!

Now that we have the sitter and the outfits I just needed to get ready!  I haven't gotten myself all 'dolled' up in a while so I relished in it...started getting ready during the kids' naps and took my time!

Fabian (our sitter) came over with a coloring book and crayons...seriously...this guy is awesome!  The kids had a great time and suckered him into playing all the games in our game closet :)!  While they were at home playing we drove to Google to get on the shuttle that would take us to the museum.  The museum is right across the street from Christmas in the Park so traffic was crazy!  When we got there we stopped at the photo booth and took some fun candids...and Vera got a shout-out as well!  The pictures are in the prior post!

Google rented out the entire museum for the night.  The tech museum was pretty cool!  All of the exhibits were open for everyone to participate in...I even grew some Jellyfish protein and Brian experienced an earthquake!  There was a lot of food on each floor (there were 3 floors!) including the most amazing smoked salmon, trout, and shrimp cocktail!  Around 9 pm a band started to set up on the main floor and they were AWESOME!  They are called "Foreverland" and are a Michael Jackson cover band!  This could have been really awful...but they were awesome!!!  A 14 piece band complete with brass pieces?  I really wish I had been able to dance because they were so fun!  We are looking forward to next years party when we know more people and I'm not pregnant :)!!!

We were home by 11 (HELLO?!  I'm 7 months pregnant with two toddlers...I was tired!) but it was a fun night!

We are almost done with the holiday preparations.  I spent the whole weekend making treats to send as gifts and we made reindeer thumbprint cards for our holiday card this year!  I will be sending these out this look in the mail for yours!

I hope you guys are having a great week!  Christmas is less than two weeks away...are you ready?!

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