Saturday, December 3, 2011

We've moved in!

Thursday was a CRAZY DAY!!!  We had the movers, Comcast, and DirecTv all here at the same time.  Add in two EXTREMELY excited toddlers and a cranky pregnant woman and you get chaos!  Needless to say, pretty much everything arrived (not all in one piece, though) and the kids are happy to have their own bedrooms with their own beds!

While I was at home making sure we got all of our belonging and the kids didn't try to run away; my DH went to a winery in Saratoga and tried lots of wines and had a grape stomping contest.  Doesn't seem fair, does it :)?!

The kids normally take naps at 12, right after lunch, but the movers were here until 3:30p so we didnt' get a nap until then...and THEN we had to pick up Brian at the bus stop!  The kids were cranky, but McDonalds helped.  What?  You thought I would cook my first night home??  Yeah, right!  I didn't get a single box unpacked until after the movers left...ugh.

Friday was full of unpacking boxes.  I managed to do the whole kitchen and both the kids' bedrooms before I gave in to fatigue!  Moving heavy boxes while walking around with a watermelon on your stomach is not easy business!  The kids were fantastic!  They have been able to play in the back with their bikes and wagon anytime they want and they love the freedom!  Frankly, I love it, too!

So far today has been all about setting up for the holidays!  We went, bright and early, to get our Christmas tree!  The winds out here have been horrific as of late, so we decided NOT to go to the mountains and cut our own tree.  Eli's so small he gets knocked over in the wind!  We got our smallest tree as of yet...just 6.5'!  The ceilings aren't very high, but it smells wonderful!  We dropped the tree off and went to IKEA to do some Christmas shopping for the kids and get some mesh bins to organize the kids' toys (dear, Lord, they need help!).  After laying the kids down for a nap, I unpacked all of our Christmas decorations and I can't wait until the kids wake up so we can decorate!!  Hope you are all having a great day!  I will post pictures of our decorations when they are done!!!


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